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Friends of the Pittsboro Memorial Library

"We're Building a New Library!"

New Libraries Committee
Report from Chris Farnan, chair of the New Libraries Committee (NLC) and Reece Jones, president of the Friends.

As you know, Chatham County is going to build a new library on the campus of the Central Carolina Community Campus.  This will be a joint use library for the community college and the public library. The Friends of the Pittsboro Public Library formed a sub-committee to research libraries and determine what features should be incorporated into the new library. 

The Friends of the Pittsboro Library formulated an informal Survey to determine what the citizens of Chatham County would like to have  in the new joint-use public/community college library.  Many thanks  to those of you who took the time to fill out a survey and return  it.  The results of these surveys as well as the public input  charettes have provided information to the county decision makers.   Over 420 Surveys were received. The results have been collated and  recorded, and  the remarks and suggestions were all read and noted.   A copy of the remarks are available from the Friends of the Library.

Participants rated 11 items on their importance from not important to  very important.  They then indicated which three of the 11 items were  most important to them.  The results from the Surveys indicated that  the three most important items for the new library are:  a  sustainable design; a colorful and cheerful children's room;  and a  special room for teens.

Now that the Library Design Consultant has completed 3 of the  planning documents and the process of selecting an architect has  begun, the Friends of the Pittsboro Library is planning a capital  campaign to enhance the library beyond a bare-bones budget. Visit to view current  planning documents and to contact the planners.

 An important first step was the signing of a joint-use operating agreement defining the relationship of the public library and the CCCC.  Since the dissolution of the North Central Regional Library of Alamance and Chatham Counties, the new library will become the headquarters of the Chatham County public libraries.

"What does the Library Leadership Team have to say?"

Linda Clarke, Director of Chatham County Public Libraries:
"Laying the foundation for the public library's working relationship 
with CCCC has been a very positive experience because the staff is 
committed to having a true partnership.  Everyone involved in the 
planning process is focused on the missions of our organizations in 
providing excellent library services to all patrons whether they are 
students of the community college or members of the community at large."

Karen Allen, CCCC Provost for Chatham County:
"This joint library plan expands the general library resources 
available to CCCC students and at the same time brings to the general 
public more technical resources of a community college library 
collection.  Therefore, it is a very exciting win-win proposition.  
In addition, we are pleased about the new classroom building which 
will be constructed adjacent to the library.  We plan to expand upon 
our sustainability programming, which includes fuels, building, water 
use, and agriculture, as well as addressing training needs yet to be 
determined.  This will provide valuable training and educational 
resources to the citizens of this county which will in turn 
positively impact economic development."

Renee Paschal, Assistant County Manager:
"Our process so far is a reflection of where we hope to go.  By 
agreeing up front on how the library will be operated, we have gone a 
long way towards laying the foundation for a true partnership.  We 
plan to continue that by sharing an architect and contractor for the 
two buildings.  The result should be better service for our customers 
and greater efficiency for the county taxpayers."

Dan Lewandowski, Chair of Chatham County Library Advisory Board:
"The new library will be completed not a minute too soon to serve 
Chatham County's expanding and rapidly changing population.  The 
joint-use facility will be both a symbol of the county's new vibrance 
and an invaluable resource for the its diverse population."

Reece Jones, President of the Friends:
"Having researched the potential pitfalls of running joint-use 
libraries, we recognize what a vital first step the joint operations 
agreement is in designing a combined Chatham County Public Library 
and CCCC Branch Library."


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